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Here is a thing. I love telling stories.

No. I really love telling stories.
It’s something I’ve done forever it’s something I love about being with friends, my kids, young people in general.
It’s something I enjoyed as a teacher.
Yes it is probably about the joy of holding court being the focus but it’s also because I believe it creates powerful moments and memories. Rich learning.
For least 14 years, part of my freelance life has been as a storyteller in schools, at the Conway centre, as part of drama and theatre workshop weekends and evenings.

Traditional tales tales from around the world, made up and improvised stories and since I first got my hands on a projector in 1997 (yes I remember the year!) I have been fascinated by the use of digital content images, lights, sound, and videos to enhance the storytelling experience.

Digital storytelling can can enhance, deepen, immerse an audience into the story. Making strong connections to the moment, the themes, the ideas, the details even.

It’s incredibly easy to make the content with the objects we carry in our pockets.

Storytelling as a teaching tool is absolutely recognised as one of the fundamental core approaches for anybody stands in front of group of people they want to inspire and enthral, whether that be with the tale ancient and mysterious, a concept difficult to grasp or series of facts and details that you want to side swipe into the hearts and minds of the listener.

And that’s one of things I can do. Would you like to tell you a story? Actually I’m always wanting to find out new stories what is the stories that you love to hear to read or even to tell?

In the picture below I’m telling the story of Sir Gawain & Green Knight. It’s a story I first told as a student, as part of the drama class and it has stayed with me ever since. I have the story on coaches, around campfires, in a teepee for the Conway Centre. Last week I was in Boston, Lincs, in a new space for 4D Creative and I used their digital content to take the young people from the winter hall of King Arthur, into the dark forests. Have you read it? Can I recommend the Simon Armitage version? A recent translation. It’s dark but it’s also funny and a bit cheeky. (I don’t always include those bits and I’m telling the story to 6 year olds and above)



Gav Cross Gawain Boston Pioneers 10 Gav Cross Gawain Boston Pioneers 09 Gav Cross Gawain Boston Pioneers 08 Gav Cross Gawain Boston Pioneers 07 Gav Cross Gawain Boston Pioneers 06 Gav Cross Gawain Boston Pioneers 05 Gav Cross Gawain Boston Pioneers 04 Gav Cross Gawain Boston Pioneers 02

I’m happy to come tell this or many other very traditional tales to you and your young people. 

If you have a 4D immersive space or pop up Click Here to book me through and find out more about the amazing  4D Creative.

If you have a nice dark space and you want me to bring my projector or use your, say hello!

IMG_0096Gav Cross Gawain 01Gav Cross Gawain 01

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