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  • The Power of The Press…

    The Power of The Press…

      Stop the Press! http://www.bostonstandard.co.uk/news/education/education-news/pupils-imagination-sparked-by-state-of-the-art-4d-classroom-at-free-school-1-6523236 Well it might be too much to do that but if somebody could get me a paper copy, I’d like like to show my mum what I do… Boston Pioneers opened recently with a 4D creative space and I had the joy of sharing story telling with the year 1’s, […]

  • Storytelling – We all do it

    Storytelling – We all do it

    Here is a thing. I love telling stories. No. I really love telling stories. It’s something I’ve done forever it’s something I love about being with friends, my kids, young people in general. It’s something I enjoyed as a teacher. Yes it is probably about the joy of holding court being the focus but it’s […]