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It’s been an absolute pleasure to work again with Theatre in the Quarter. I have been delivering workshops, preparing schools, mostly year fives but some key stage 3 and 4 classes, for their attendance at Theatre in The Quarter’s latest play:
The Lost Boy.
Before I carry on, if you are reading this before 7 May, can I highly recommend you see this? I took my 8-year-old and 12-year-old and they, like me where mesmerised by it’s storytelling power. So well performed, beautifully written, delicately directed, tunes that linger, so thoughtful and so important.
You can read a review here.
The workshop I have been delivering has been looking at the meaning of the terms Asylum Seeker & Refugee.
Through drama, discussion, and video we have been trying to empathise with the people who on fleeing war and persecution in the world today.
Some of the work and conversations have been quite arresting and highly moving. Young people given the chance to experience & discuss very difficult concepts and ideas. I’ve never been so impressed with such young minds, thoughtfully trying to articulate their understanding, feelings and concerns about such difficult concepts.

I based the workshop and research on some of the work by one of the partners in this production, the brilliant City of Sanctuary.

There is very limited time to fit in the workshop before this production ends but as a small gesture I would like to offer a reduced rate workshop to any school that could host it on Friday the 5th of May. The fee for the workshop would be donated to the work of City of Sanctuary.
For more details email Theatre in the Quarter HERE.

Do get in contact if you are interested in running a Refugee and Asylum Seeker workshop for your key stage three students.

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