Time Liners and Light Night Liverpool

Time Liners has been an epic and delightful project. Led by Cathy Cross for her new arts and design company Make Space Create Ltd, it reached a peak on Friday the 15th of May 2015, for Liverpool’s Light Night. What a privilege to be part of this incredible event and to be a Culture Liverpool Mayoral Commission.

Over 2500 people come into the Cunard Building for Liverpool’s Light Night, where Time Liners sat. Six digital stories that had been collected , (read here for a little more on the development), were sighted in the Ticket Office, combined with large scale projection or embedded into a finely created art & design responses that allowed you to just sit and listen carefully. And that is what people did. I watched as people sat, spent time and listened to the stories of Ernie, Joan, Mavis, Chris & Ian. That was the greatest pleasure. Seeing people not rush, take in the stories. It was overwhelming and moving that it engaged people in such a way.

The event was the start of a whole One Magnificent City programme that celebrates Liverpool’s maritime heritage with Cunard and the arrival of the ‘Three Queen’s’ cruise liners into the River Mersey.

Have a flick through these pictures of the night. and take the time to listen to the stories. They really are an intriguing insight into a time gone by.


The the event was also featured and captured in a rage of places and websites. Here are a few:

Some of the bits and pieces of the event have a life in the next few weeks. Many of the installations are still sited in the Cunard Ticket Hall for a pop up Aquitania Restaurant.

If you find a link, came, took a picture, have a question or want to know more, please do use the comments below, it would be really interesting to get your feedback and thoughts.

If you are interested in discussing how Fortom & Make Space Create Ltd can create a large scale event for your needs, please do through Say Hello and we can work out how we might work together in the future.

Some thanks are due:

Joan Maxwell, Mavis Tyrell, Dr Ian Reid-Entwhistle, Ernie Ashley & Chris Brocklehurst for donating their times and images and providing such brilliant stories to share.

My kids Libby & Ned for their patience in the run up and for stamping hundreds of Light Night programmes.

The Liverpool University Cunard Archive for access to their images and objects.

The performers and actors who beautifully animated the event on the night.

Alicia Smith, Sarah Vasey & especially Linda Meagor of Culture Liverpool for their support throughout and especially on the night! 

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