Outdoor Cooking and Storytelling!


Two of my favourite activities! Outdoor cooking and Storytelling in one perfect day at St Hughs Catholic Primary School, Liverpool.

The Year 5’s have been working with Cathy Cross, creative Design & Technology, and to culminate their term created, prepared and brought to me a hefty wedge of veg!

I set up my Kotlich, a Hungarian traditional pot to cook gulash/paprikash with!

Fire on. (There were 5 young people on Health and Safety quizzing me about safety.)

Veg in (5 citizen journalists interviewing me)

Then stories! One of the key ingredients we used was corn to fit in with the Native American Stories. 40 minutes of story. A quick check. Add the fresh corn. 10 more minutes then dish it out.

By the way it was eaten I think we had a hit…

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What topic could we combine Food Tech, outdoor cooking & education and storytelling with in your school?

Do get in touch and we can have a chat!


2 responses to “Outdoor Cooking and Storytelling!”

  1. Outdoor cooking and storytelling are two of my favorite activities too. I simply love sitting by the grill and talking to friends and family while a steak is smoking delicious in front.

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