An 8 minute Holiday to LIMF

August Bank holiday weekend 2015 was that rare thing. A bank holiday where it (hardly) rained. In partnership with make space create and Cathy Cross I was part of the family fun area for the Liverpool International Music Festival. (#LIMF)
Sponsored by Liverpool John Lennon Airport, Cathy and her design & build team (funded and incredibly supported by Culture Liverpool) made a beach. Not only did this speech made tons of sand it also contained a giant scale sandcastle.
Within the (waterproofed!) sandcastle I placed the PopUp. Friend or Foe the arts collective that create bespoke music, digital content and interactive digital projection work, were commissioned to create a holiday. And that is what we did we gave over 1200 LIMF family member in two days, an eight minute relaxing and refreshing holiday to Sunny Island. Were you there?

From the airport to the runway, through takeoff and finally relaxation on the beach with an ice cream… Finally a dive with the cheeky creatures in the waters of Sunny Island, I can tell you that many children of all ages (and their adult wranglers) found the experience enjoyable and enthralling and relaxing, I had to help them off the bean bags… We had returning guests (they had to endure the same jokes as I ushered them in and out of the holiday), calmed kids, and some sleepyheads that find some peace in 8 minutes that a two week holiday sometimes doesn’t always bring.

Coupled with the fact that the family fun area was a small part of this gigantic festival it was an extremely pleasing way to use the PopUp is such an impressive setting and event in my adopted hometown.

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(18 to 20 Family members through every eight minutes. Have you got a festival or event where at the spoke pop-up experience can bring a moment of calm or excitement to a huge number in them exciting, dynamic and immersive environment. Please feel free to get in contact so we can have a chat about how we could work together at your event)

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