Immersive Approaches – Training


Immersive Approaches – Training for software, creative approaches and a dynamic curriculum.

Jane Hewitt at WCPS 03Face to face training building on a wealth of experience and a range of examples gathered from numerous workshops, connections, approaches and experiences.



We can offer:

  • 20 years of direct personal experience using digital technology to enhance creativity and learning;
  • Training delivery experience with every iteration of software installed by 4D ;
  • The ability to tailor uniquely structured days, designed to meet the needs of your staff & learners;
  • A commitment to make the training relevant to your needs and intended outcomes;
  • Reduced rates for immediate multiple bookings.


Recent Evaluation Feedback (2015/6): 

‘Gav gave lots of new ideas and took a different approach as to how the lesson could be delivered (ideas I would never have thought of!)’

‘Good planning with Gav so my learningJane Hewitt at WCPS

 outcomes could be met and also 

achieved in a way that utilised the 4D room 

to the best of its capabilities’

‘The lesson really made me want to use the 4D room more in my teaching. For the students it really brought their stories to life.’


Example Training Menu:

  • Starting Up

    • An Introduction & Induction: Working with any version of the software you have, (4D Create, 4D Pop Up or 4D Genie), I can take you through the basics, introduce them in a dynamic and interesting way. Pepper the training with real world uses and applications.
    • For: New staff or those that want a refresh! 
    • Length: 1.5hr min
  • The Next Steps:

    • Advanced Training: An introduction to the advanced and extended possibilities the software offers, releasing you to really Immerse yourself in the sessions you want to create. Might include: Playlists, Timelines, ThemeLists, Content creation (intro to) and more. A focus on linking the Software to the your Outcomes. Hints tips and live examples that will empower and inspire you to use the space to the fullest. 
    • For: Users with some experience of using the software and space
    • Time: 2 hr recommended
  • Simple Approaches to Powerful Content Introduction to the approaches I use to create powerful videos, images & sounds to fuel my own Immersive Digital Storytelling approach. Using your equipment and tech to hand, I can show how you can bring stunning digital content to your space!
    • For: Colleagues that want to grow their own understanding of digital content to be used in the space and beyond.
    • Time: 2 hr recommended
  • An Introduction To Your Interactive FloorDo you have an Interactive Floor? This training will take you on a tour ‘behind the scenes” of Advis, the software that powers all the different effects. Learn how you can manipulate and adapt the templates to create new interactive themes to meet your needs. With an extended training session, learn how to make content elements from scratch, to really create the most dynamic floors possible!
    • For: Colleagues with an advanced understanding of the 4D software and an interest in combining Interactivity to their approach.
    • Time: 2 hrs minimum recommended

      Bespoke Training:

      The chance to design an training fit for purpose, for your team and for your budget. Recent examples include –

  • Resident Digital Storyteller: Using the power of digital storytelling to launch or consolidate a topic or support your curriculum;
  • Leading Delivery: Through dialogue and planning I take your intended outcomes and plan and create an immersive approach to planning and delivering an immersive session.  talk you through decisions I have made and my approach to content and delivery;
  • Co-Development & Delivery: I support you to make your outcomes and intention Immersive! Supporting you to develop content making skills and nurture a creative approach to an Immersive session;
  • Den Making in the Classroom:  More details coming soon!
  • A combination of the above!


Training & Delivery starts at:

  • £350 (including VAT but plus reasonable expenses)
  • Reduced rates for multiple booking.

The best thing to do is to get in CONTACT and let me know what you are looking to achieve. That way I can use the experience to design a day or project to meet your needs.

Image by Jane Hewitt at WCPC 04