Sensing Spaces ISTA Riyadh 2014

Being a freelancer brings with it a range of opportunities and experiences. Some are there just to be grabbed and taken hold of firmly, this was one of them. The chance to travel to Saudi Arabia and to work on my second ISTA drama and theatre festival.

I suppose I’m allowed to say I’ve been a drama in education practitioner for over 20 years now, professionally. Teaching, writing, directing, workshops, artist, storytelling & general show off.

To the people who have given me opportunities, to the fellow artists whose ideas I have stolen and the students who I have had the privilege to work with. (that sounds insincere doesn’t it, but I mean it!) Thank you! 21 years now returning to the Conway Centre as an visiting workshopper…

This was a festival that Cathy and I were invited to deliver, over two days with two other artists. A storyteller and dancer from India, an improviser and actor from America. The staff there had asked us to work with the students in their brand new school, in a school with huge auditorium theatre space, unfinished, with a black box theatre have been painted that weekend, to help them to find different places and spaces to devise new performances.

What a treat we had, kids from around the world, kids from all sorts of experiences. The brand-new school, behind high walls. With staff so excited that we are there. The accommodation in the British Ambassadors residence. Trips to the gold souk, the castle, to the living compound, hard work, early mornings, lots of laughs, home brew, proper ‘tea’, an amazing turkey roast dinner. Late night in Riyadh, rushing to the airport. New friends. Crazy long days. An absolutely wonderful experience.


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