Funny Looking

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Chaos, Cacophony, Games, Stories Sketches and of course Jokes.

Funny Looking Kids: Comedy Club is alternative comedy aimed at the family. We suggest 6 and over but we have younger regular fans…

An alternative comedy show with a strong twist of the surreal.

Rules: No Swears. No Peanuts. No Uniforms. Bring Jokes.

Our monthly residency in Bluecoat is our ‘new material’ show.

It constantly refreshes our theatre and festival performances. We are actively looking for partnerships, venues, festivals, opportunities and events that want something a little different and family friendly.

Funny Looking Kids are a collective of actors, comedians and idiots led by Gav Cross

Recent Venues:

Bluecoat, Liverpool – Monthly Residency

Liverpool International Music Festival – LIMF

Liverpool Comedy Festival

Festival of Manchester

Storyhouse, Chester

Threshold Festival, Southport

New Brighton Seaside Festival

The Studio, Widnes

81 Renshaw St, Liverpool

Private & Birthday Parties

School Performances

“The all-round interactive family friendly show was a breath of fresh air to our event programme. Everyone was talking about it for weeks after, asking when they were making another appearance.” Events Manager Rheged Centre, Cumbria

“Just saw Funny Looking Kids do some of the funniest sketches I have ever seen, which happened to be for kids.” The Delightful Sausage

“Funny Looking Kids brought a bag of comic genius and anarchic fun to the Festival of Manchester that had audiences of all ages engaged (whether they liked it or not!). It’s no small feat to be able to keep such energy to maximum whilst also weaving content that speaks to all those lucky enough to stumble on them. I dare you to book them, double dare you!” Gareth Hughes – Festival of Manchester 

Find out more at our website – Funny Looking 

As always, have look about, ask a few questions, lets have a chat, what can we plan?

“Gav was a student in the  ‘creating comedy’ class I teach on the Greek island of Skyros. He immediately became the ‘go to guy’ for anything relating to IT as well as the father confessor to anyone feeling miserable or lonely. Since then I have exploited his various skills to help me publicise shows and to advise me on what to do, what to create and how to do it. he is a brilliant communicator, a funny man, loyal. empathetic, imaginative  and endlessly generous. As a comedy nerd he has been able to keep me abreast of developments in modern comedy. I would whole heartedly recommend him to anyone who needs their business modernising or their ideas improving.”

Arthur Smith – Writer, Broadcaster & Comedian