Immersed in a PopUp StoryCave
In a Park, Zoo, Art Gallery or Museum. Sat around a log fire.
In a Theatre Space or School Hall.

Photo by Chester Zoo

Stories need to be told. And they want to be listened too.

Everything we do is Storytelling.

Always entertaining, tales told with a twist. Focused on enthralling and involving
the audience.

Silly stories that guarantee a giggle.
Traditional tales told from a new point of view. Folk tales from around the world, or from across the county.

Brand new stories, found together, to meet your needs.

Photo by Wayword, – Storyhouse Chester

With enough stories in the back pocket to fill hours, it’s still exciting to find new tales to tell.

What bespoke stories can we make to meet the needs of your audience?

At Parentfolk

As always, have look about, ask a few questions, lets have a chat, what can we plan?

‘There are storytellers and then there’s Gav Cross.

Capturing imaginations, holding little minds captive, delivering stories and terrible tales with a twist, Gav Cross brings a sense of magic and wonderment to his performances. We couldn’t be happier to have brought Gav on board for our ParentFolk family social events. Known for doing things differently our events are about curating unique family experiences, we lead from the front in the alternative family event space and pride ourselves on only working with the best.
Gav has brought a whole new dimension to our offering with his warm presence and epic enthusiasm. As well as being the best storyteller and performer, he is a total professional and wonderfully warm human being with a brilliant outlook and we look forward to working with him again and again.  Highly recommended.’  

Nicola Spindler, Founder, ParentFolk.